Galleries- beware: there are some beautiful plants in here!

My interest in plants goes right through trees, shrubs, herbaceous, bulbs... pretty much anything. If I can't grow something then I will often indulge my enthusiasm for a plant by photographing it (often more than once!) and adding it to my ever increasing photo library. Constraints on time and web space prevent me from uploading every picture of every plant that I have particular affection for, so in due course I will add to the range of plants already on this site by adding to the image galleries for the separate groups.

Within the groups the selection is pretty random- not helpful if you're looking for something in particular. If, however, you enjoy browsing plants then I hope you will enjoy looking at these pages. I have not really decided whether to create a page for conifers or to put them in with woody plants... if you have any thoughts maybe you would like to contact me via the 'contact me' page?