One of the most popular aroids must be Sauromatum venosum. This tuberous perennial has an extraordinarily large distribution and range of habitats, which is probably why it is so easy to grow!

One of the most well known features of Sauromatum is it's ability to flower out of the ground, on windowsills, tables... just about everywhere! This is due to the fact that Sauromatum flowers before it produces a leaf- the tuber does not put out roots until the leaf begins to grow.

Don't look behind you...! The sinister shadow has a beauty of it's own. The total height from the bottom of the tuber to the tip is 15" (38cm)! Sauromatum makes a very unusual addition to a partially shady spot in the garden and is a very worthwhile to grow, but it's only when the plant is grown 'dry' that you see some of the beautiful detail.
Here the spathe is starting to open up, showing the tip of the appendix. This part of the inflorescence is seemingly useless, but is certainly decorative!

The spathe is still tightly closed at the base (it opens from the top down).

This amazing aroid has had plenty of name changes- Arum cornutum, Stauromatum, Jaimenostia, Sauromatum guttatum plus a few others! The real debate has been whether or not this aroid is worthy of it's own genus, or is in fact a member of Typhonium (which is very similar). The difference between Sauromatum and Typhonium is that the Sauromatum's spathe is fused at the base whereas in Typhonium it can be pulled apart. Whether or not this is sufficient difference to warrant Sauromatum having it's own genus is still a matter of debate.