What an amazing plant! So far everyone who has seen it loves it!

Justicia carnea- may well be one of the strangest plants you have ever seen! One of the many weird and wonderful plants from Kobakoba this year, Justicia carnea appealed to me as both a gardener and a plant enthusiast. When I saw it first the whole plant was covered in these big green 'cones'. Attractive enough, but when I heard that the flowers themselves were a dusky pink curiosity got the better of me. It's entirely possible that the only reason I bought this plant was out of curiosity!
'Cone' was the only word I could think of to describe this structure! So I brought it home and it's stayed in it's pot while I decide what to do with it. Kobakoba say that it should be hardy (certainly with me) and I mean no disrespect to them when I say that I'm going to take cuttings before I risk it! Still, sure enough the pink flowers appeared soon after, and the plant got even weirder!
There's something about the individual flowers that remind me of Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paws), but the whole effect is largely indescribable! Needless to say that a number of these flowering.... 'things' on a small and nondescript shrubby/ herbaceous mound make for a very unusual and distinctive plant. Mine is about 1ft (30cm) tall and seems to be making no attempt to grow taller. According to a quick search on Google, Justicia carnea is native to South America and has some medicinal value.