I like plants. I REALLY like plants. To be honest, my love of plants is to an extent that some would call ‘unhealthy’ but I would have to disagree; to me plants are entirely worthy of a great deal of attention!

I was interested in gardening from quite an early age but school, and numerous failed attempts to be ‘popular’, pushed gardening and plants away. When I was 14 or 15 I rediscovered plants with a charming little woodland plant called Arisarum proboscideum. This little aroid (Arum family) is native to parts of Italy and Spain, and has arrow-shaped leaves and really cute inflorescences that look like the back end of a digging mouse! I bought my plant, planted it and left it. Within six weeks of planting it had disappeared and that was it, the end of gardening for me… but the following year it reappeared bigger and better, and from that moment I was hooked!

Since that early moment I’ve been more interested in the rare and unusual plants. I’m not one of these plantspeople who dismiss garden centre varieties as mass produced rubbish, but I just don’t feel the same way about a tray of Petunias as I do about an unusual Arum.

The purpose of Ben’s Botanics is to be an outlet for my love of plants, to save my family and friends from incessant chatter about the latest interesting shrub I’ve seen! I also hope to provide a resource for anyone looking for information or inspiration, as well as meeting other plant enthusiasts around the world.

Circumstances mean that I don’t have a proper garden of my own any more, and a nursery of my own is also out of the question (not least of all because I have my own gardening business!), so I’m not able to sell you seeds/cuttings/plants of things featured on this site.

Take a look around and I hope you find things of interest.